Mr. James Cahill


A series of concepts to help prove how safe and secure HSBC’s new Voice ID technology is

I always find that building trust with a client is the most important part of creating a successful campaign. This case study is a good example of that idea.

The relationship with HSBC started with a small project to advertise their mortgage program. The success of that campaign built some trust and allowed us to go on and pitch an extraordinary idea to market HSBC's new Voice ID technology.

HSBC's challenge was that many people didn't trust voice technology to protect their bank account. Our task was to demonstrate just how safe and sound the service was. We decided that in order to prove Voice IDs security we would put technology to the test (and get people talking along the way).

For the launch campaign we planned on locking £1 million in a transparent safe in Trafalgar Square. Since the safe was protected by Voice ID, it could only be opened by the voice of the owner. In this case, the owner had one of the most recognisable voices in the world: Michael Caine.

Areas of work:
Brand activation