Mr. James Cahill

HSBC Homebuyers

An infographic about mortgages turned into an animation

HSBC came to us with a brief to increase the sale of their mortgage products. The trouble was that their target audience were customers who were visiting an HSBC branch on quick errands. These customers were on cruise control. They looking to get in and out and a mortgage wasn't at the top of mind.

The solution was to educate the HSBC's sales representatives with common customer needs and arm them with meaningful conversation starters in order to indetify potential mortgage candidates.

The original brief was to create a poster infographic with all of the stats and conversation starters which we could hang up in HSBC branch breakrooms. However, we knew that a poster wasn't enough to grab the attention of HSBC's sales reps. We created an animation showing how the infographic was created and delivered it to each HSBC employees company phone.

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